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The Indonesia Institute’s mission is to operate as the peak body for independent insight and engagement into Indonesian - Australian bilateral relations.

Our institute has adopted the following core objectives:


  • To improve Indonesian – Australian relations at social, business, cultural and political levels.
  • To act as a think tank, to identify and communicate key insights into the issues affecting the Indonesia – Australia relationship
  • To promote cultural, social, & community activities between Indonesia and Australia, and build trade and commercial links and opportunities.
  • To lobby governments in Indonesia and Australia on matters relating to bilateral relations.
  • To act as a commentator on issues relating to Indonesian – Australian relations.
  • To facilitate linkages between people and organisation in Indonesia and Australia.
  • To assist sustainable “sister-state” relationships between Indonesian Provinces and Australian States and Territories.
  • To develop and maintain close relations with the Indonesian Consul-Generals and Consulate Offices wherever possible.
  • To provide Indonesia with a voice in Australia to generate improved understanding.

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